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Areas of Expertise


Anxiety is one of the most common diagnoses in the United States today, impacting nearly 40 million individuals. Anxiety is characterized by above-average worry, fear, and tension. I've worked with many individuals experiencing anxiety. First, we work to understand how the anxiety shapes your daily life and how it appears, then seek to understand how to shift thoughts and behaviors to minimize its impact on your present and future. 


Trauma can be defined as a life-altering, serious, or disturbing event that may bring about a broad range of intense emotional reactions. I have worked with many individuals who have experienced traumas that range from sexual assault, to domestic violence, to medical trauma, to persecution. My work focuses on lessening trauma-related symptoms and restoring trust in others, sense of self, and sense of safety. 

Grief and Loss

Grief comes in many forms: loss of a loved one, loss of identity or way of life. It can drastically change how we see and experience the world on a day to day basis. I have worked with many individuals experiencing bereavement and loss due to homicide, cancer, or other illnesses. I also have worked with individuals experiencing general feelings of loss over changes in their lives, such as chronic illness, loss of job, or estrangement from family members. 

Chronic Illness

A diagnosis of a chronic illness can drastically alter one's sense of self and sense of future. I am a certified Oncology Social Worker (OSW-C) and have experience providing therapy to individuals with a cancer diagnosis. I have also worked with individuals processing other serious or life-changing medical diagnoses, and also have experience working with caregivers and loved ones. 

About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker based in New York, NY. I received my Bachelor's in Social Work at New York University, and my Master's in Social Work in Advanced Clinical Practice from Columbia University School of Social Work. I am an Oncology Social Work-Certified (OSW-C) practitioner, and hold certificates in trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (tf-CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). 

I practice from an empathy-based, values-focused lens. The idea of therapy might sound frightening or intimidating. The moment you step into the virtual or physical therapy space, you can expect a warm, welcoming environment to explore your deepest desires, fears, and hopes. It can take courage to explore yourself and your thoughts to seek change, and I look forward to helping you shape a future that gives you peace, pride, and strength in the present.

My Approach
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